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By R. Warren, Alan Coulthard

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Advancements in MRI and software program have made breast tests on hand in new methods for plenty of extra clients. while, breast MRI is evolving from a learn device to a clinically precious imaging modality. The impetus for additional medical improvement is probably going to move from MRI researchers to "breast" radiologists. a lot of those radiologists might be skilled in breast imaging yet now not inevitably MRI. With this in brain, Breast MRI in perform presents a accomplished and useful consultant to imaging the breast with MRI. it's necessary for oncologists, radiologists and clinical scholars in these fields.

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Coil Q: the properties of a coil are influenced by the electrical properties of the tissue being imaged. A characteristic of a coil known as the coil Q factor (quality factor) describes the efficiency of the coil to minimize energy loss induced by the patient. A coil with a high Q value has a higher SNR than a low Q coil. RADIO-FREQUENCY COIL TYPES There are many types of RF coils: surface coil, saddle coil, birdcage coil, phased-array coil, multi-turn sole- 25 noid, etc. A surface coil is a type of coil that can be placed close to the area to be imaged.

However, very short TE values require higher gradient amplitudes, wider frequency bandwidths and therefore result in reduced SNR (see below). Flip angle (␣) Definition The B1 field applied at the resonance frequency for a short time interval is called the RF 34 BREAST MRI PROTOCOLS pulse. This pulse rotates the spins through an angle, called the flip angle. The spin-echo sequence is based on the application of two RF pulses: a 90° (␲/2) pulse followed by a 180° (␲) pulse. A range of flip angles may be used in gradient-echo sequences depending on the required contrast weighting.

The homogeneity of a superconducting magnet can be influenced by its length and generally a high degree of homogeneity is not possible over the entire magnet volume. MAGNETIC SHIELDING There are many risks associated with MR systems and one of the principal concerns is the high magnetic field strength. Metallic objects become potential projectile hazards when in the vicinity of a strong magnetic field and so the magnetic fringe field associated with the static field must be contained or minimized. Safety regulations determine the location of barriers between the MR system and adjoining facilities.

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